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When a cross-section through a PMC PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bar is etched in Nital, three distinct rings appear, which is the desired microstructure of a high quality construction rebar:

  • A tempered outer ring of martensite
  • A semi-tempered middle ring of martensite and bainite
  • A mild circular core of bainite, ferrite and pearlite

PMC Prestige Thermex TMT Bars
The consistent product quality achieved by PMC PRESTIGE is regarded highly by customers. PMC PRESTIGE Thermex Fe550 TMT Bars undergo several tests at various stages of production. During the process, series of samples are taken for testing in PMC’s own laboratory where the latest equipment and techniques are used to verify chemical and physical composition as well as mechanical properties. Test results are fed back to the plant immediately for any adjustments required.

Final quality check is conducted before dispatching to customers and necessary test certificates are issued as a testimony to meet customers’ quality requirements.

Purulia Metal Casting Pvt. Ltd.  is ISO: 9001-2008 certified by DNV and accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service, UK.

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