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PMC PRESTIGE range of Thermex TMT bars are available in Fe 415, Fe 415D, Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550 and Fe 550D grades and are produced on a standardised scale of 12 metre, in diameters of 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 and 32 mm. Customised bars can be made to client requirements.


Standard 12 metre on regular manufacturing basis.

Custom specified lengths can be delivered to save your construction costs and reduce wastage.

WHY PMC Prestige

Excellent design of Ribs for Higher Bond Strength: Computerised machine made ribs with deeper grooves that ensure more cement can grip the surface.

More Value for Money: Saving as high as 10%~24% in steel consumption as compared to brand or non-branded bars.

Dimensional Tolerances: Excellent dimensional tolerances as per IS:1786-2008 standard and has sectional weight generally lower than found on others bars.

Excellent Strength: Thermex process ensures combination of tempered martensite on the surface and fine grain ferrite pearlite in the core providing higher fatigue strength, suitable for compression and tension, minimum weight and maximum strength, toughness and ductility.

Higher Elongation: Ensures greater safety due to elongation over 18% even for Fe 550 grade.

Better Corrosion Resistance: Virtually no rusting even after a long duration due to thermo-mechanical treatment.

High Thermal Stability: Unlike TOR Steel and CTD Bars, our bars have a proven record in resisting loss of strength at high temperatures (400-600ºC) that may be encounterd during fires. Thus, they make the ideal choice for chimneys and other high heat applications.

Higher Weldability: Produced from billets with low carbon content to ensure weldability, they save valuable construction time and prove more economical in the long run.

Superior Earth Quake Resistance: High elongation values of 18%~25% makes them ideal for earthquake prone areas. The unique ductility property also gives excellent Bendability.

Specification: As per IS:1786-2008. Material can also be supplied as per international standards like American ASTM A615/ German Bst 500 to DIN 488.

Wide Application Range

  • Concrete Reinforcement Structures
  • Highrise Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Flyovers
  • Dams
  • Industrial Structures
  • Underground Metro Railway Platforms
  • Thermal & Hydel Power Plants

Wide Acceptability

PMC PRESTIGE Thermex TMT Bars are available across the country through our network of dealers and distributors. They are regularly supplied to Government, Public sector and Private sector organisations.

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